Brushinator LogoBrushinator® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Brushinator? A: A Brushinator is our name for the “World’s Greatest Boot Brush”. Whether you need a boot brush for your home, garage, baseball field, job sites, or our specialty, a truck! No one makes a better boot brush. We know, we’ve looked.

Q: Do you offer a warranty? Absolutely. We feel we offer the heaviest duty, most commercially applicable boot brush in the world; and we back it with a 100% lifetime warranty on steel. If you ever need to replace a set of brushes, we know our steel will still be able to accept the brush fit. No steel toe boots will be bending our steel. Which by the way, makes boot brush replacement brushes impossible.

Q: Why should I buy the “World’s Greatest Boot Brush” and not just a cheap Chinese boot brush on Amazon? A: Honestly, maybe you should and maybe you shouldn’t. When we first designed our truck hitch mounted boot brush “The Brushinator” for personal use as a one-off; we quickly were asked about making some boot brushes for our friends and family members who wanted one also. With that being the case, we didn’t want to make a cheap/inexpensive boot brush for ourselves and our friends and families; we wanted to make them the very best we could. You may not need a boot brush to last for more than a couple of months, but if you do; we feel we make the best you can buy, and we back it with a 100% lifetime warranty. Plus, all that cheap plastic just ends up in another landfill. We are the sustainable boot brush option.

Q: “Where can I buy a Brushinator boot brush? Can you buy a Brushinator in retail stores like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, or Rural King?” A: Currently no. We do offer timely free shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States though.

Q: “Can you ship overseas or not within the Continental United States?” A: Yes. Custom shipping quotes can be given. Please email anytime or give us a call during business hours (EST) at (513)BRUSH99 for a free quote.

Q: “I work in government and think these would be great at our office. Are you a registered federal contractor with SAM?” Yes. Our Capability Statement, CAGE, and NAICS codes can be given upon request.

Q: “Can I buy more than one and still have them shipped?” A: Absolutely. Many of our orders are for multiple units. Please be nice to your delivery man. They are heavy. 😊

Q: “How do you mount a boot brush?” A: Mounting your hitch mount Brushinator boot brush is super simple! Slide it in your 2’ receiver hitch (or use an adapter depending on your vehicle model) and pin it in with the included hitch pin! While we do include a hitch pin, we recommend you install a lock pin on your Brushinator. Sometimes people like other people’s valuables. Your floor mount Brushinator boot brush is a little different. We don’t include mounting screws for the 6 mounting locations on the legs of your floor mount Brushinator. Depending on the surface you are screwing down into, you will want to choose the correct mounting screw for the application. Concrete, wood, brick, etc. If you are unsure ask your friendly local hardware store employee for their advice. Or you can reach out to us and we’d be glad to help guide you if you are having trouble.

Q: “What is a boot brush for?” A: Having a boot brush, or boot scraper; when and where you need it is vital to the usefulness of a boot brush. That’s why having a hitch mounted Brushinator boot brush for after work on the job site, or after a day spent hunting in the woods, is so handy. No need to depreciate your vehicle’s interior just because you aren’t at “home or at the shop” where most boot brushes are. So what are boot brushes for NOW that they can be taken anywhere? With our patent-pending hitch mounted Brushinator boot brush, boot brushes are for everywhere, and every season. After football, soccer, baseball/softball games, and the muddy cleats; after a day spent playing in the snow, or even after finding Fido’s present in the back yard; yuck, but you know it happens; you’ll have a Brushinator wherever you need it.

Q: “How do I clean my Brushinator boot brush? Do I need a custom boot brush cleaner?” A: Water. Just give it a good spray down with a water hose if any dirt starts collecting on or under your Brushinator.

Q: “How do I use my Brushinator boot brush?” A: Well you would think this is a simple answer, and it is, but still we suggest getting a firm grip or leaning into a stationary object and don’t be shy with it. Swipe your footwear until the level of cleanliness is acceptable to you. Bonus: if you have a Brushinator mounted in your receiver hitch, you will finally have the option of cleaning off your toe and the top section with our underside RED brush! No other boot brush gives you that option! And we kind of think it looks bad *ss. Sorry, Mom.

Q: “Did you come up with the idea for a truck hitch boot brush?” A: Heavens no, we perfected it or something like that.

Q: “Can you customize a Brushinator boot brush?” A: Yes! Obviously within reason, but we have done custom work for clients in the past that has turned out great! Contact us for questions and custom quotes.

Q: “Can I go through an automatic car wash with my truck mounted Brushinator boot brush?” A: No. Most car washes that have employees checking you in will ask you to remove your truck mounted Brushinator boot brush before entering. If the automatic car wash is unmanned and you enter with your Brushinator still in your hitch, you assume responsibility for doing so. Those automatic roller brushes sometimes don’t like hitches in your truck receiver. Whether it’s a ball, or a Brushinator. Be careful and don’t make us say, “we told you”. 😊

Q: “Where can I buy replacement brushes for my Brushinator boot brush?” A: Right here through us. Currently, we ask that you use our contact form to request a new set.

Q: “Will your company sell my information?” A: Absolutely not. We take our customers information and use it for internal processes only. We are not in the information technology business. We just want you to have the best possible boot brushes that will meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.